Vinyl Flooring

A beautiful home starts with a beautiful floor. A floor that matches the qualities you need with a design you love. vinyl sheet flooring is the answer you’re looking for in both Commercial and Residential Use.

Seamless, silent, soft, and resistant to water and scratches, our luxury vinyl flooring rolls come in endless styles; from wood effects to tiles, patterns, or plain all-overs. To fit your room offers a broad array of options with widths from 2 to 5 meters and different thickness and finish options.

If you’re looking for easy installation, great value for money, and low maintenance Floor Solution, cushion vinyl flooring is the way to go!

TYPES Vinyl Flooring

1. Residential Vinyl Flooring

At Ideal Floor, we believe that beautiful flooring is always at the heart of the home. Indeed, a perfect blend of textures and tones can bring to life an entire house.
We have thoroughly researched the current flooring trends and styles in indoor architecture, decoration and fashion to create our Vinyl Flooring Catalogue. We have something for everyone.

2. Professional Vinyl Flooring

Professional Vinyl Floor is high performance flooring, designed exclusively for contract and commercial use. Professional vinyl floor is designed with a high traffic performance characteristic in mind. We have also highlighted their suitability for projects in: Education, Healthcare, hospitality, offices and public spaces.