Square Carpet Tiles - Quick and Easy, High-Quality Flooring
Square carpet tiles can be laid loose in no time at all and easily removed without leaving any residue. In contrast to carpeting, they are easy to handle and can be cut to size with a craft knife as necessary. Once the carpet tiles have taken their place on the floor, they convince with several comfort features. The hard-wearing polypropylene tiles not only provide a pleasant surface underfoot but also provide antistatic and sound-absorbent properties. In addition, the carpet tiles can be used without hesitation on floors with underfloor heating

Care instructions:

To ensure that the self-laying carpet planks retain their beautiful appearance in the long term, they should ideally be cleaned once a week with a vacuum. Stains on the carpet tiles should be treated as quickly as possible with a suitable stain remover without strong friction from the outside in.

Square carpet tiles - Product features:

- Size: 50x50 cm
- Pile material: nylon
- Backing: PVC
- Weight: 3600 g/m²
- Total height: approx. 5.2 mm
- Pile height: approx. 2.8 mm
- Antistatic
- Suitable for use with underfloor heating
- Sound absorbing