Chamfered edge Rubber Gym Mats

Chamfered edge Rubber Gym Mats

Chamfered edge Rubber Tiles are great for protecting your floor and equipment during strength training. If excellent shock absorption is what you are looking for, you should choose these tiles over our natural rubber mats.

The natural rubber mats are more durable than Crumb rubber tiles but have comparatively less shock absorption. However, along with recycled Crumb SBR, we have used High-quality binding agents and pigment in the manufacturing process, making the tiles more durable than most ordinary Crumb rubber tiles found in the market. Also, the tiles are manufactured using hot moulding technology from polymerically bonded styrene-butadiene rubber crumb granules.

Shock absorption, Noise and Vibration reduction, and cost-effectiveness are the key characteristics that make Crumb Rubber Tiles an excellent choice for most commercial gyms, CrossFit gyms, and strength training centers.

Tiles are of 1000MM x1000MM

Chamfered edge Rubber Tiles are available either 10MM,15MM & 20 MM thick

Note: we recommend using tiles of 20mm or above for heavy drop zones. 10mm thick tiles can be used for the floor with hard concrete as a base, and weights are less frequently dropped.