10 Aug
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13 May
The Benefits of Artificial Grass: A Look Into the Future of Landscaping

The Benefits of Artificial Grass: A Look Into the Future of Landscaping Do you want to install economical, durable, and easy-to-maintain artificial lawn grass in your residential or commercial space? Homeowners and businesses are increasingly turning to artificial grass to achieve the perfect green lawn. Synthetic grass comes without the hassle and expense of maintaining...

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04 May
Linoleum Flooring: The Ultimate Guide of Things You Need To Know

Linoleum Flooring: The Ultimate Guide of Things You Need To Know Are you sourcing for versatile, durable, cost-effective flooring options? Linoleum flooring makes a popular choice that works for all rooms at home or in an establishment and withstands the test of time. It’s a sustainable flooring that comes in many colours and design qualities...

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03 May
Carpet Tiles 101

Carpet Tiles 101: Everything You Need To Know About Carpet Tiles Flooring Are you upgrading your flooring? Carpet tiles offer you an interior designer’s vogue style that is highly customizable, durable, and comes with low maintenance. These benefits make them ideal for homes, offices, institutions, and businesses with high foot traffic. More so, they offer...

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28 Apr
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Cushion Vinyl Flooring Guide

Cushion Vinyl Flooring: The Perfect Combination of Style and Comfort Flooring is an essential aspect of any residential or commercial space. It adds character, warmth, and comfort. Cushion vinyl flooring makes a perfect option that combines style and comfort while offering low maintenance and great value for money. Cushion vinyl flooring is an excellent alternative...

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19 Apr
Laminate Floor Buyer’s Guide

Laminate Flooring 101: A Comprehensive Laminate Flooring Buyer’s Guide Do you want to achieve a tile or classic hardwood look on your floor without the actual material? Choosing the right type of flooring, especially when on budget, can be challenging. Luckily, laminate flooring matches the looks of any style or design you want to incorporate...

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18 Apr
Wall-to-Wall Carpets: A Beginners Guide for Home or Office Remodeling

Wall-to-Wall Carpets: A Beginners Guide for Home or Office Remodeling Are you remodeling your office or home space? Do you know that your choice of flooring material can make or break your remodeling project? Wall-to-wall carpets offer practical benefits such as attractive acoustic, superior comfort, insulation, and safety. Compared to other hard surface flooring alternatives, wall-to-wall...

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29 Mar
Gym/Safety Rubber Mats

Rubber Mat is the ideal flooring solution for home,Warehouses & commercial fitness area as it is designed to provide exceptional sound proofing, anti-slip feature and shock absorption. Gym Mats are available in the options of Standard Gym Mat and Laminated Gym Mat. These heavy duty gym mats help protect the floor from damage as they...

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28 Mar
Anti Slip Rubber Hollow Mat, Kitchen Rubber Floor multi-purpose Mat

The features of our Rubber mat 1. Rubber matting with hole on the surface, can drain  away water quickly, keeping the ground dry and clean. 2. Different patterns on both sides of the rubber mat, increasing the friction between people standing on it and the ground, and guarantees the  safety of people. 3. The rubber...

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